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As mentioned in my post earlier this week, I have enjoyed speaking with many investment advisors and investment counsellors across the country about Delisle.  It’s been exciting to hear how much  an independent, fiduciary-focused approach appeals to advisors today –  an advisor-owned environment won’t be for everyone but it is clear to me that it appeals to advisors who share our vision of wealth management in the future.

Today I thought I would share some recurring questions from Advisors that contrast our approach to many existing models.

Can you explain your commission grid to me?

This is a helpful question to contrast our approach.  We feel strongly that commission grids have become far too complicated and put too much emphasis on top line revenue alone.   Our approach is to work with advisors in a true partnership model where the advisors own equity in the firm.  This shifts the conversation from “what is your grid” to “what compensation level do WE want for the firm”.   As owners of the firm, we want to invest in areas that benefit our clients, want to ensure that our fees to clients are as competitive as possible and ultimately want to see the firm have competitive profitability.  Owners are focused on long term value creation in their business and the typical model focuses mostly on cash compensation as employees.  Our focus is a simple and clear compensation program.

What does it mean to be a partner at Delisle?

We are very focused on bringing in partners who are aligned with our vision and approach.  Advisors at Delisle have a true seat at the table for key decisions that impact our clients.   We are all stakeholders in the firm and thus work together in forming our strategic priorities.

What do you mean by working as one team?

Our industry continues to get more complex and clients increasingly expect planning to evolve with expertise in multiple areas.  We believe that working as one team – not smaller groups – bring our best ideas to the table and leverages all our capabilities.   We also believe that working as one Investment strategy team brings effective challenge and consistency to our investment process.

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