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Apple Vision Pro


Apple Vision Pro – my thoughts…

When Jean and I visited New York last weekend, I jumped at the chance to get a demo of the Apple Vision Pro.

Here’s my take.

First the “pros”:

  • This is simply mind blowing tech, for example, a movie is not a one dimensional show on a large screen but rather a massive screen with a 3D movie bursting through it.
  • As well as just watching stuff, you can “augment” reality by attaching screens and apps throughout rooms in your house. In fact, as you walk around, the screens stay behind and are there once you return to the original room.
  • You control the device with your eyes operating as the trackpad!
  • If you get one now, you have an almost 100% chance of being the only person nerdy enough in your family or friends to have it…

Now for the reality checks:

  • It’s $3500 US.
  • Even with that price tag, this is a 1st gen product that will continue to improve, soon to be replaced by 2nd gen and so on.
  • There is no sugar coating what a goof you look like. I’ve converted all our kids to tech lovers but even so, they’d laugh at me walking around in these very heavy ski goggles.
  • It is an isolating product at a time when most of us realize technology, including social media, has created a lot of isolation and the resulting negative impact of this on people. With these goggles on, while you can see the outside world, you are definitely further isolating yourself.

The bottom line for me is that while Apple Pro Vision is absolutely incredible technology, there isn’t a use case that will transform our lives – and it is exactly that transformative quality that we’ve come to expect in Apple.

Do you remember life before the iPhone?  How about the iPod?   iPad?   Apple TV?    None of these devices existed before Apple created them but they absolutely revolutionized how we live, play and work, making Apple a striking example of the essential nature of INNOVATION.

Think about this. Apple generated a staggering $394Billion in revenue in the last fiscal year of which “only” $29.3 Billion (7.7%) of total revenue came from their original product, Mac desktop and laptop computers!   It’s an amazing example of why we invest in innovative companies: the price of the stock is based on your expectation of future earnings so when you know a company is busy innovating,  you want to participate in that growth that you don’t feel is embedded in the present expectation of future earnings.

Is Apple Pro Vision a “buy”?  Not yet, for me. But my hat is off to all of the companies like Meta and Apple that are making incredible strides with innovative technology that, I believe, has great potential to bring us closer together, not further apart.

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