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The last few weeks since we launched Delisle Advisory Group has been a very exciting time for me! For everyone who has been in touch – thank you so much.  We are very grateful for the warm and positive reaction to the launch.

There are a number of things that we are hearing and learning, both from advisors and clients that we wanted to share in a few posts, and I will start today with client feedback.  I’ve been so gratified to see how our message has struck a chord with so many people, including:

  • The importance of family and the connection between family and wealth. Specifically, I have heard a number of times that their closest relationships and family priorities are not being captured sufficiently in wealth planning.  A number of clients have said that they agree entirely with our message that wealth isn’t a number.
  • A sense that investment portfolios are often not fully understood. Many clients don’t feel that they adequately understand what they hold and why.
  • Confusion about fees. They simply don’t understand the fee structure, particularly embedded fees in products such as MERs (Management Expense Ratios)
  • Our focus on fiduciary standards and obligations. Putting clients’ interests ahead of everything else and eliminating conflicts that can exist in areas like house products, compensation and referral fees really resonates with the people I am meeting.

I am continually motivated by the client response as it demonstrates the opportunity that we see in Canada for independent wealth management firms, and I am looking forward to the meetings ahead in my schedule.

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