Person First Perspective

Your Wealth, Your Story

Because we know that each person defines wealth in his or her own way, at Delisle we make no assumptions about what wealth means to our clients. Instead, we see our role as being a catalyst for clients to reflect – maybe for the first time – on what really matters to them, and to help them not only communicate their thoughts and ideas with us but also with the people in their circle of concern.

Again, each person’s circle is unique: modern relationships and families or family-like units each operate in their own way- and we want to play a role in the vital communication about wealth, however, it is defined.

Our firm is deeply rooted in planning across multiple disciplines. We work closely with each other as one team and partner with our client’s other advisors to ensure coordination and always act as a fiduciary to our clients. Our unique person-first perspective means that we take planning and advice to the next level.

Higher standards. Lower fees. More family engagement.
Good enough is no longer good enough.

At Delisle, we’re committed to helping clients define and achieve their purpose by looking beyond the numbers and fostering meaningful and inclusive family discussions about what wealth means to each person.

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