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What makes us different?

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In the short time since we launched Delisle Advisory Group on January 18th, Jean, Sandra
and I have been so appreciative of the overwhelming positive reaction we have received.
Clearly our approach and our message reflect what many people in Canada – both in the
wealth management industry and the public – have been thinking about in their personal
and professional lives.

As so many of you have noted, what makes Delisle unique are five key areas of
differentiation in Canada that I will summarize here:

1. We operate as a Fiduciary firm.
This means that we challenge ourselves to put our client’s interests ahead of everything
else in every aspect of our firm. This includes compensation set out by a straightforward
and clear fee schedule, with no hidden commission, trailers, or referral fees.
Furthermore, part of a fiduciary’s responsibility is to keep clients’ fees as low as possible
and this must be reflected in the types of investment vehicles we select on behalf of our
clients. In short, we always seek the best options at the lowest fees.

2. We are one team not a team of teams.
In the wealth management industry, you often see hundreds of distinct teams within
one firm. We believe strongly that our clients should access the benefits of our collective
experiences in Delisle. There isn’t a “book of business” at Delisle – there is one firm that
we are all a part of.

3. We are an independent advisor-owned firm.
Our advisors are owners of the firm and as such, all sharing a collective passion and
alignment for putting clients’ interests first. With a seat at the leadership table. Delisle
advisors directly make strategic and investment decisions that benefit our clients. We
are one business without the competing pressures of being a small part of a vast
portfolio of businesses.

4. Our focus is on the continuing evolution of planning.
We believe that social connections with those closest to us are the best predictor of
happiness. We strive to work differently at Delisle and take a unique approach to
understanding the priorities of our clients. We believe that only by understanding the
uniqueness of each family can we properly construct purpose-built portfolios.

5. We have leading edge technology for advisors and clients.
Both personally and professionally, I’ve always believed in the value of understanding
and employing the leading edge of technology. This is why for Delisle we have chosen
technology partners offering a fully integrated solution linking custody, financial
planning and trading together. The Delisle platform is intuitive and easy to use, with
paperless onboarding and a state of the art client platform on tablet, desktop or phone.
Bottom line: Delisle advisors can spend more time with clients and less time with the
back office.

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