Redefining Wealth Management

With a Person-First Approach

At Delisle Advisory Group, we understand that wealth is not merely a number; it’s the culmination of meaningful connections and relationships with those we care about.
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Our approach to wealth management goes beyond financial figures

We believe in treating each client as a unique individual with distinct needs and aspirations. By gaining valuable insights into the individuals and families we serve, we can better tailor our services to help them achieve their goals.

Why Choose Delisle

Person-First Perspective

We understand that everyone defines wealth differently, and we make no assumptions about what it means to our clients. Our role is to act as catalysts for our clients to reflect on what truly matters to them and foster open communication within their circle of concern.

Why Choose Delisle

Fiduciary Responsibility

As fiduciaries, we prioritize our clients' best interests by providing transparent fee structures, informed decision-making, and access to a network of professionals, empowering them to achieve their financial goals.

Why Choose Delisle

Collaborative Approach

Operating as a cohesive team, we work in partnership with our clients' advisors both inside and outside the firm, ensuring seamless coordination and comprehensive financial planning. Our inclusive and diverse environment empowers advisors with equity participation, ensuring lasting commitment and engagement.

Highest Ethical Standards

Ethical Wealth Management

Committed to your best interests: we advocate for a fiduciary standard in wealth management, ensuring your interests are our top priority and backed by legal commitment.

Holistic Wealth Approach

Beyond numbers: modern wealth management means understanding your unique goals. We assist you and your family in defining clear, achievable objectives and aspirations.

Conflict-Free Advice

Commission-free commitment: we steer clear of conflicts by refusing referral payments or commissions. Our revenue comes directly from you, ensuring unbiased advice.

Partnership for Success

Invested in your future: our advisors are partners, dedicated to Delisle's long-term success. We focus on delivering substantial value to you and your investments.

Collaborative Client Support

One team, endless solutions: we foster collaboration among our team and introduce you to professionals both within and outside our firm, ensuring your goals are met effectively.

Transparent Fee Structure

Building trust: we believe in low fees, essential for trust and portfolio performance. Our commitment is to keep costs as low as possible, aligning with our fiduciary obligation.

Redefining Wealth Management

Higher standards. Lower fees. More family engagement. It’s about time.

At Delisle, we believe that “good enough” is no longer good enough. We help clients define and achieve their purpose by looking beyond the numbers and fostering a family discussion about what wealth means to each person and how it fits into their goals.

Uniquely positioned to redefine wealth management in Canada

Delisle cofounders, Andrew Auerbach and Jean Blacklock, are uniquely positioned to redefine wealth management in Canada and bring Delisle’s vision to life. They know first-hand the critical role family dialogue plays in wealth planning; as well as being business partners, Andrew and Jean are part of a large extended family that includes their four adult children.

Become an Advisor

At Delisle, we value top talent and seek professionals who share our client-first approach. Our unique entrepreneurial compensation model aligns all team members’ interests with the success of our clients and the firm’s overall growth. As owners of the firm, our advisors challenge traditional commission structures, eliminating conflicts of interest and ensuring a focus on delivering the best experience to clients.

If you believe in embracing change and shaping the future of wealth management, consider joining the Delisle team. We welcome advisors who prioritize the client’s best interests and seek to work collaboratively within a unified and forward-thinking environment.

Higher standards. Lower fees. More family engagement.
Good enough is no longer good enough.

At Delisle, we’re committed to helping clients define and achieve their purpose by looking beyond the numbers and fostering meaningful and inclusive family discussions about what wealth means to each person.

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